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Stop wasting your time thinking of reasons for your failures and shortcomings. Instead, realize that the seeds of success were planted within you when you were born. Only YOU have the power to make those seeds grow. YOU are responsible, not your mother, not your father, not society, not capitalism, and certainly not the circle of friends or business associates around. The seeds, and the power to grow them, are contained in the most awesome machine ever created: the human mind. No computer can come close to duplicating the goal setting, goal seeking, goal-attaining mechanism of the human mind.

Success is a choice and not a chance. YOU were born a winner. YOU were born rich. YOU can be a success if only YOU make the right choice. “Success is not only reserved for the extraordinary gifted people, it is available for those who seek it with a commitment and vision.” YOU cannot be successful without first developing your self-esteem. Your level of self-esteem is always based on the degree of control that you are able to exercise over yourself, and thus over your life. People with low self-esteem are people who do not believe that they have any power, or responsibility for, their lives. They are the perennial victims and martyrs. They are leaves tossed by the winds of chance blown about with any sudden change in the weather. YOU can exercise control over your life only to the degree that YOU believe that YOU are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Failures think that everything happens by accident and chance. Successful people realize that they are responsible. Everything happens as a result of something. If we can identify the cause, we can control the effect. Thoughts and beliefs cause everything. We are responsible for what we choose to think and believe. One generally rises to the level that one expects. We are responsible for setting our expectations. One’s success is dependent upon one’s level of confidence. We are responsible for thinking confidently about ourselves and the attainment of our goals. Whatever the conscious mind accepts as true and chooses to believe, the subconscious will be driven to achieve.

We are responsible for what we consciously choose to accept and believe. Our attitudes and actions are a result of habits ingrained in us over a period of time. We are responsible for either reinforcing good habits or unlearning bad habits and consciously replacing them with consistently practiced good habits.

If YOU associate with positive-thinking people, YOU are definitely going to achieve success. On the contrary, the opposite happens. We are responsible for finding, planting, and nurturing the seeds that contain future victory, born from setbacks. In short, in all areas of your life, whether they be financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual, YOU are responsible.

Once YOU recognize this, accept it, and firmly believe it, YOU are on the road to success. If YOU fail to accept this basic tenet, no success system or formula will pull you out of the hole you have dug for yourself. Acceptance of responsibility is the crucial starting point of a successful life.

None of the practical techniques for achievement are of value unless YOU first realize that YOU can take control of your life. YOU will not set a definite goal, with a plan for its attainment on a certain date, unless YOU realize that YOU will take control of your life by doing so. If YOU believe that you are totally controlled by fate, your environment, or other external forces, then YOU most certainly will be ruled by those forces. All causation is mental, and YOU can control your thoughts.




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