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Brain Abundance Co Founder and CEO Eric Caprarese

Brain Abundance is now in over 150 countries STRONG & GROWING!

With offices and distribution points in Miami, Nevada, Missouri, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong & Brazil WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INDUSTRY with our ONE OF A KIND...FIRST TO MARKET...LIFE CHANGING Brain Fuel Plus!

Co-Owner Dr. Pejman Behrouzi and Top Leaders like Larry Lane and Aron Parker were special guests at our Beverly Hills meeting last week. HUGE SUCCESS when you have powerful leaders coming out that recognize the uniqueness, yet simplicity of Brain Abundance. Add to that the highest paying compensation plan in the industry and you can see why we have thousands of new people joining us monthly.


 Eric Caprarese co-founder of Brain Abundance named the fastest growing new network marketing company.

Nutrition for the brain has become the focus of some intense scientific study and more information is coming out daily about the importance of fueling the brain with super nutrition.













A brief story about How Nervous System Works. 

Here's a quick video on how the human nervous system works. It is animated and explains it all. This includes the Centeral Nervous System (CNS) & the the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The CNS includes the spinal-cord and mind. The PNS consists primarily of nerves, which are extended fibers that link the CNS to each other area of the human anatomy.









Neurotransmitter Synapse 3D Animation

This video show you how the nutrients in the blood capillaries enter into your brain cells through the Blood Brain Barrier and Synapse process.

























Join us as FREE Enrollee membership, you are entitle to have FREE limited "Back Office" for you to understand more about How it Work in Brain Abundance. Then you can decide to upgrade yourself with purchasing ONE bottle, THREE bottles with 25% off OR SIX bottles with 45% off from normal price to become our IBO. Go through all the training session provided and set up your back office to manage your earning and account. Apply a Master Card from Payonner which is our corporate online banker for our commission earned from Brain Abundance Worldwide. Just simply activate the Master Card online to receive your commission anywhere in the world where the ATM are available.

This is the sample of your Master Card >>>>>>>>>>>>


YOU are entitled to enjoy the 1st level - $5.00, 2nd level - $3.00 and 3rd level - $2.00 ONCE ONLY  from your BA distributors below you in the POWER LINE, no matter who enroll them as active Member below YOU.


Fast Start Bonus 50% was specially designed for YOU who recruit NEW REGISTERED as BA Active Member after they had bought the FIRST INITIAL ORDER placed in your either left OR right Leg. YOU will directly earn 50% of 1 bottle - 50BV = $25.00, 3 bottles - 100BV = &50.00 and 6 bottles - 150BV = $75.00 and paid ONCE on Weekly Base.


Addition to Your Fast Start Bonus, YOU are entitled to enjoy the maximum of 6 Generation Commission Overriding which will depends on your Ranking Status as follow. 


The Accelerated Binary Bonus - 40% are paid from the generated every SECOND ORDER Bonus Value (BV) of the BA qualified Distributor below YOU who are placed either in your left OR right leg. To qualify this bonus, YOU must be qualified (purchase 1 bottle Brain Fuel Plus) Distributor who have 1 Active Member in either leg who have the SECOND ORDER purchase of 1 bottle or more Brain Fuel Plus product in that particular month.


Rank Achievement Bonuses as follow are paid to YOU when YOU had qualified the following Status.






Bringing together a team of top scientists, nutritionists, and formulators in the industry with the most successful team of health and wellness professionals in the world, at Brain Abundance, we don't just talk about getting results, we live it.


Committed to helping people stay young and healthy, Brain Abundance is the ONLY company in the industry to bring you the next generation of comprehensive brain health products. From our world class manufacturing facility to using only the highest quality raw materials, our powerful formulas get results!


From the purest of ingredients, to our top-notch manufacturing facility, to our corporate team that represents an unparalleled level of leadership, Brain Abundance is passionate about being the complete world class company. That means, not only are we 100% committed to providing our customers the absolute best quality products on the market, but we are also dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of health, science, and technology to ensure that you get the most effective products available for the long term.


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Our instructors are experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional. Our facility features state-of-the-art leadership training, internet marketing and work from home step by step training. Hope to see you soon!

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